{404 303 302 303} We Love Each Alter

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 Concerto para dois pianos e fita, gravações de corujas na fazenda de Tereza. Fogo e violão, ábaco, microfone nas alturas, processos de fazer bonsais. Para Satie, Gli, Glerm, Valente, Kairoz.  I dreamt about the tallest man drawing a crystal owl in a silk paper. He woke up soaked in sweat and licked his own left arm. Felt compassion for every single one and desired for a bigger door only. There exists another character of a similar meaning 像 xiàng, in which the sign for “man” stands in front of the elephant. In Chinese this means ‘portrait, statue’ (surely as a result of the compound “man+image”), while in Japanese, writes Komaváry, it is a component of the word 想像力 sōzōryoku, “imagination.” Is it perhaps the blind man, he asks, feeling the elephant? While I imagine how much it could have stimulated the imagination of old Japanese people when, perhaps once in a life, an elephant appeared in the town and a man in front of it: a showman, a juggler, a tender. Someone like the protagonist of the following story. 

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