Cantata com texto de Fabiane Borges do livro "Domínios do Demasiado". O que mais a gente pode fazer?

Simplexo {Corpinfesto Pânfago}

Ciberfonia plundêmica em metareciclagem.
1.After knowing about download all of John Oswald's work available on his websites: http://www.plunderphonics.com 2.Listen to everything 11 times in 2 days meanwhile reading his statements and interviews. 3.Edit a cyberphony with the plexoristic material added to the "Ode, Os Primaveris Cortes" as background. 4.Gather the imagery from the website and make a label. 5.Listen to the "Simplex" composition acquired in the step [3] 9 times meanwhile reading Oswald de Andrade's "Manifesto Antropofágico". 6.Transwrite it while listening to "Simplex" for at last 5 times. 7.Translate it on Babylon web translator to english. 8.Post it here and on the blog. 9.Write a thanking letter to John Oswald for his works.